New "Situationship" Candy Hearts Just In Time For Valentine's Day

We’re only days into the New Year, but Valentine’s Day is already coming out and one company is giving their classic candy a modern twist. Spangler, the maker of the iconic Sweethearts conversation heart candies, is releasing new, limited-edition Situationship Boxes of candies that relate to current dating trends. And they’re using their biggest flaw - the faded, misprinted, hard-to-read hearts - as a selling point.

For the last few years, Spangler has tried something new with their Valentine’s Day candies. In 2021, they featured references to classic love songs, in 2022, they used motivational phrases like “Way 2 Go” and in 2023, the hearts were used to send a "sweet-and-desist" message to social media platforms using the heart shape as their “like” icon. This year, Spangler’s hearts are here for those who aren’t ready for the classic “Luv U” or “Marry Me” phrases of Valentine’s Day candies of the past.

“The specially designed boxes contain blurry, misprinted candies that are as hard to read as Gen-Z relationships,” the brand explains, adding that it's filled entirely with “sweet, muddled nothings and literal mixed messages.” The printing on the hearts isn’t always perfect and they’re embracing those imperfections, just like those in a situationship do.

Source: Good Morning America

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