Gen Z Are Bringing Parents To Job Interviews

Young people may have age on their side, but it isn’t helping them land a new job, new research suggests. Employers are actually trying to avoid hiring recent college grads, instead preferring older professionals for a number of reasons, according to a new survey.

Intelligent, an online magazine focusing on student life, polled 800 hiring managers, directors and executives in the U.S. last month and found:

  • 39% of the employers say they actively avoid hiring young applicants for positions they’re qualified for in favor of older job seekers.
  • More than half (58%) say recent college graduates are just not prepared for the workforce.
  • The Gen Z job seekers aren’t making a great impression during job interviews, as 53% of the employers say the young applicants struggled to make eye contact during the interview and 50% say they asked for unreasonable compensation.
  • Nearly half also showed up wearing inappropriate attire, while 21% refuse to turn their cameras on for virtual interviews.
  • But the worst offense of all? One in five employers say a recent college graduate actually brought their mom or dad to the job interview.
  • Those lucky enough to get the job aren’t starting off on the right foot, as 63% of employers say young professionals can’t manage their workload, 59% claim they miss deadlines often and 53% report they’re frequently late to meetings.
  • Gen Z’s attitudes are also an issue, with 58% of employers saying the young job seekers get too easily offended, 55% find they don’t respond well to constructive feedback and 52% claim they have poor communication skills.
  • To attract the older professionals they prefer to hire, 60% say they’re offering more benefits, 59% are offering higher salaries and 48% are offering remote or hybrid opportunities.

Source: NY Post

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