This TikTok Trend Will Help You Drink Less All Year!

Are you intimidated by Dry January? Some people find its all-or-nothing approach too challenging, but they’re still interested in cutting back on alcohol and for them, another viral challenge may be a better fit. It’s The One Week No Booze Method and it involves giving up alcohol for one week a month.

TikToker Bridget Stangland popularized the technique, which makes it easier for some to get the benefits of drinking less, but still enjoy alcohol from time to time. In a TikTok video, she explains that when she realized it wasn’t serving her to drink often, so a year ago she decided to cut back on booze in a way that felt easy to her - quitting for one week a month - and she noticed she had less brain fog, slept better and even saw her skin improve.

Going without cocktails for seven days a month seems more easily achievable than doing Dry January for some of us, but doing The One Week No Booze Method adds up to three alcohol-free months over the course of a year. Stangland says she even goes longer than the one week, depending on how she’s feeling and what’s going on in her life. Thinking of giving it a try? Her tips for success include choosing a week when you’re more likely to succeed and just starting over if you slip up.

Source: Business Insider

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