A List: The U.S. Airlines With The Most & Least Legroom

When you’re flying, a lot of factors can influence whether your journey is a pleasant one and legroom is a big one. No one enjoys a flight when their knees are squished against the seat in front of them and they’re counting the hours until their plane lands, but many of us have been there. Unfortunately, not all airlines offer equal legroom, but new research reveals the ones that are most likely to and those that may leave you feeling squeezed.

  • Upgraded Points’ list of the U.S. airlines that offer the most and least legroom just came out.
  • For the study, they calculated the average legroom for each airline, by first analyzing planes used for the 10 busiest domestic flight routes. Then they analyzed seat pitch, or the distance between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it, for an economy seat on those flights.
  • Their number crunching reveals that JetBlue Airways tops the list as the airline with the most legroom, with an average seat pitch of 32.3-inches.
  • Southwest Airlines comes in a close second, with an average of 31.8-inches of space.
  • Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines tie for third, both offer an average of 31-inches of legroom.
  • After studying nearly two dozen plane models, Upgraded Points found that the plane with the most legroom is the Embraer 190, with an average seat pitch of 32-inches.
  • The Airbus A320neo offers the least legroom, with a seat pitch of just 28-inches.

The U.S. Airlines with the Most and Least Legroom

  1. JetBlue Airways 32.3-inches of legroom
  2. Southwest Airlines 31.8-inches
  3. Alaska Airlines/Delta Air Lines 31-inches
  4. American Airlines 30.2-inches
  5. United Airlines 30.1-inches
  6. Hawaiian Airlines 29-inches
  7. Frontier Airlines/Spirit Airlines 28-inches

Source: Upgraded Points

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