The States That Spend The Most On Groceries

Feel like you’re spending all your money at the supermarket? You’re not the only one, as new research suggests that households in the U.S. spend an average of $270.21 per week on groceries, or about $1,080 a month. Of course, that amount differs depending on where you live and new research reveals where people are paying the most and the least for groceries.

The study from HelpAdvisor analyzes data from the most recent U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey.

  • It finds that households with children are spending even more at the grocery store, an average of $331.94 a week, 41% more than households without kids.
  • The most expensive state to buy food is California, with a household average of $297.72 a week, which is $27.51 more than the average.
  • Wisconsin is the state where people spend the least, their weekly average for groceries is $221.46, $76 less than those in California.
  • Miami is the most expensive city in the country to buy groceries, with people there spending an average of $327.89, about 14% higher than the statewide average for Florida.

Top 10 Most Expensive States for Groceries

  1. California $297.72 average per week
  2. Nevada $294.76
  3. Mississippi $290.64
  4. Washington $287.67
  5. Florida $287.27
  6. New Mexico $286.39
  7. Texas $286.19
  8. Louisiana $282.95
  9. Colorado $279.98
  10. Oklahoma $279.16

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for Groceries

  1. Miami, Florida $327.89 average per week
  2. Houston, Texas $302.65
  3. Riverside, California $300.50
  4. San Francisco, California $298.44
  5. Los Angeles, California $295.33
  6. Seattle, Washington $289.23
  7. New York, New York $282.60
  8. Dallas, Texas $282.21
  9. Chicago, Illinois $278.91
  10. Atlanta, Georgia $277.54

Source: HelpAdvisor

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