Cleaning the bathroom can be a nasty chore, depending on who’s been using it, so how great would it be to not have to do that dirty work again? A new survey looks at the sacrifices Americans would make to never have to clean the bathroom again and finds it’s worth quite a bit to them.

  • 20% would give up half their yearly salary to have a bathroom that was always clean and sanitized.
  • A quarter of respondents would be willing to give up eating out or takeout, while 23% would give up their favorite show or series and 22% would trade a year’s worth of Internet access for a bathroom that stays clean forever.
  • Some respondents would also give up coffee (24%), their favorite outfit (23%), watching their favorite sports team (22%), 2-ply toilet paper (22%), their washer or dryer (20%), their sense of taste (20%), electricity (19%), their bed (18%) and even their hair (17%).

The poll of 2-thousands U.S. adults also reveals:

  • A third (34%) consider the bathroom the most challenging room to clean.
  • People’s bathroom habits may be part of the problem, but what’s the most annoying one? Leaving toothpaste or makeup stains on the mirror or sink (30%). Other top offenders include:
    • Forgetting to flush the toilet (29%)
    • Peeing on the seat or around the toilet (29%)
    • Leaving hair in the sink or tub drain (28%)
    • Leaving the toilet seat up (25%)
    • Clogging the toilet (25%)
    • And spending too much time in the bathroom (25%)
  • These are some of the reasons that 39% admit they’d be embarrassed if a guest used their bathroom when it was dirty.
  • For 40%, having a guest see their home when it’s dirty is as stressful as a day at work.

Source: SWNS Digital

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