Lots of people will be showing their affection with a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day, but deciding which one to buy can be confusing with so many options on store shelves. While you really can’t go wrong with something sugar-filled, a new report reveals the most popular options this year.

  • CandyStore.com has just come out with their annual list of the favorite Valentine’s Day candy by state.
  • Their list is based on sales data from their online bulk candy store and industry partners.
  • For years, Conversation Hearts were the most popular Valentine’s Day candy, but Heart-Shaped Boxes of Chocolate are catching up.
  • Conversation Hearts account for 10.2% of all Valentine’s Day candy sold last year, while Heart-Shaped Boxes of Chocolate took 10.1%.
  • When it comes to states, Conversation Hearts are the top candy in 13 states this year, but Heart-Shaped Boxes of Chocolate take over the number one spot with 15 states.

Other popular Valentine’s Day Candy per state includes:

  • Hershey’s Kisses are the favorite in eight states, including Texas, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Oregon.
  • M&M’s are the next most popular Valentine’s Day candy, they’re number one in six states including Maryland, Vermont and Iowa.
  • Chocolate Hearts are number one in four states - Maine, Montana, Rhode Island and Illinois.
  • Chocolate roses are the most popular candy in three states - Kentucky, New Mexico and Wyoming.
  • Cupid Corn, the Valentine’s Day take on Candy Corn, is only number one in one state - Michigan.
  • Candy Necklaces also top the list in just one state - Alabama

Click here to see what the most popular Valentine’s Day candy is in your state

Source: Candy Store.com

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