Sports fans will do just about anything to boost their team’s chance of winning, especially for the big game. With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, a new survey reveals some of the “lucky” habits they swear by.

According to the poll of 2-thousand sports fans:

  • Nearly half (44%) have food-related superstitions for big games and 85% of them only eat or serve certain foods on game day.
  • Pizza, hot dogs and burgers are considered “good luck” game day foods, along with chips, popcorn, and chicken wings.
  • But deviled eggs, garlic bread, mozzarella sticks and salsa and queso dip are thought to have the opposite effect and are considered “bad luck.”
  • Snacks are almost as important as the game itself to 69% and 48% admit they’ve attended a Super Bowl party just for the food and drinks.
  • But it’s not just food fans are superstitious about, 79% of respondents also follow strict rituals before a game to help improve their team’s chance of winning.
  • These include sitting on the same part of the couch while watching the game at home (34%), wearing a “lucky outfit” (40%), eating a specific food (38%) and refusing to watch the game with people they feel are “unlucky” (32%).
  • Almost three-quarters (71%) of folks who are serious about those rituals take it as far as refusing to watch the game until they’ve performed them.
  • And 74% believe the outcome of a previous sporting event was actually determined by their rituals.
  • Overall, the top three things that make the perfect game day party are smooth game display (36%), the correct food (32%) and the right crowd (21%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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