Costco, Trader Joe’s, and other retailers have issued a recall on some items due to an outbreak of a deadly disease. Dozens of cheese and dairy products sold by Rizo Lopez Foods in Modesto, California are being recalled due to the risk that they’re contaminated with listeria. At least two people have died from the listeria outbreak, and Rizo Lopez Foods has voluntarily recalled all cheeses and other dairy products made in its facility, which were sold nationwide.

Trader Joe’s and Costco have issued their own separate recalls on the items sold in their stores, most of which were still for sale earlier this week. The listeria outbreak has been going on for a while, with illnesses linked to it going as far back as June 2014. Investigations were conducted by the Centers for Disease Control in 2017 and 2021, and then reopened after new cases of the illness were reported in December. During the investigation, the FDA “found the outbreak strain of Listeria on a container where cheeses are kept before they are packaged.”

The CDC is telling consumers to not eat any of the recalled products and throw them away. The agency also recommends cleaning any refrigerators, containers, and surfaces that may have touched the recalled products. The company has a hotline to call with any questions, and a full list of the recalled products can be seen on the CDC website.

The toll-free hotline number is 1-833-296-2233.

Source: Today

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