Still deciding on what your Super Bowl party spread will include? Google’s got some ideas. They analyzed search data to find the most popular Super Bowl foods in each state to highlight what sports fans are craving this year.

  • If you’re planning to have a dip, you can’t go wrong with one that’s buffalo-based. Google reports that the most-searched type of dip is buffalo chicken dip, which is the top pick in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Minnesota and South Carolina.
  • Other popular dip searches include crab dip, which was number one in Maryland and Virginia, spinach dip, the most-searched in states including Georgia and Alabama, and artichoke dip, which is the favorite in California and Vermont.
  • Fruit dip and queso dip top the list in other states, while Alaska and Oregon searched for smoked salmon dip most.
  • Chicken wings are always a game day staple and the most popular flavor across the country is hot wings. They’re the most-searched wings in states including Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee.
  • Some states are looking to keep things light, like Montana and Colorado, where cauliflower wings are the most searched style. Baked wings are the most popular in states including Illinois, Delaware and Wisconsin.
  • As for Super Bowl drinks, Google reports the most-searched are Manhattan, Shirley Temple, Sidecar, Sex on the Beach and Roy Rogers.

Google Trends also reveals the most-searched Super Bowl recipes:

  1. Shrimp scampi recipe
  2. Chili recipe
  3. Meatloaf recipe
  4. Meatball recipe
  5. Sliders recipe
  6. Sloppy joe recipe
  7. Goulash recipe
  8. Pizza dough recipe
  9. Alfredo sauce recipe
  10. Cheesecake recipe

Source: Delish

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