The days of everyone having cable to watch their favorite shows and movies are long gone, as most people have cut the cord and moved on to streaming services. So how much are we spending on all these streaming subscriptions? New research from Bagno, a “super bundling” platform looks into the costs and habits of streaming video subscribers.

Their survey of more than 5-thousand U.S. streaming service customers reveals:

  • The average subscriber has 4.5 streaming video subscriptions, but 10% have 10 or more and 2% have 15 or more.
  • In addition to video subscriptions, 62% have a retail subscription, 44% have a music subscription, 25% have one for gaming, 16% subscribe to one for news and 13% have a sports VOD subscription.
  • Ad-funded tiers have led 36% of subscribers to upgrade their services to avoid watching ads, while 31% have canceled at least one service after it introduced ads.
  • More than half (57%) have canceled a subscription because of a rate hike.
  • The crackdown on password sharing has led 35% to start paying for a service they had been accessing for free previously.
  • On average, U.S. customers pay $77 a month, or $924 a year for subscriptions, while 25% pay more than $100 monthly.
  • Three-quarters of respondents say there’s one video service they’ll never drop or pause their subscription to.

Source: Bango

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