You can tell a lot about someone from the way they talk, whether it’s with a deep voice or one that’s so soft you can barely hear it. While we make our own judgments, decades of psychological research reveal that our voice offers some important insights into our personality.

So what does the sound of your voice say about you? According to science, this is what pitch, tempo and volume reveal.

  • Pitch - This refers to how high or low your voice is. Low-pitched voices, like Morgan Freeman’s or Tina Turner’s, are described as rich and deep and they’re considered an attractive trait in a partner. A low-pitched voice is also a sign of sex appeal and being extroverted, with one recent study finding that people who speak in a lower pitch are more attractive for long-term relationships. On the flip side, higher-pitched voices, like Christina Aguilera and Cameron Diaz, are “shriller or lighter.” Another study finds that people tend to use a high pitch voice when speaking to people they feel inferior to, like their boss.
  • Tempo - People may assume that fast-talkers, like Quintin Tarantino, are more clever, but it turns out, the speed at which we talk has nothing to do with intelligence. Speaking slowly isn’t a sign someone isn’t smart, in fact, Stanford University psychologists report that speaking slowly can communicate power and confidence.
  • Articulation - According to researchers, women see men who mumble as more attractive, because it’s associated with being macho. But men are attracted to women with clear pronunciation because it’s more feminine.
  • Volume - How loudly you speak also says a lot about your personality. One study finds that a louder voice makes people listen to you and gives you power in a social situation, like being able to make decisions for a group. While those with quiet voices are often considered to be introverts, volume isn’t always an indicator, as extroverts can speak quietly, too. Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world and the head of several powerful companies, has a voice that’s usually quiet and delicate, but people still listen to him.

Source: Daily Mail

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