A List: Consumer Reports Top 10 Cars For 2024

Shopping for a new car can be stressful, especially since there are more than 260 models to choose from this year. To help you narrow down your options, Consumer Reports has just come out with their Top 10 Picks for new vehicles in 2024.

  • The product testing and research group chooses the cars for their annual list based on road-test performance, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and of course, safety.
  • This year’s list includes several cars with starting prices under $30-thousand, which is well below that average new car price of around $48-thousand.
  • It also includes seven electrified vehicles - one EV, four hybrids and two plug-in hybrids.
  • Only three of the 2024 top picks were also 2023 winners: the Subaru Forester, Toyota Camry Hybrid and Ford Maverick/Maverick Hybrid.
  • Consumer Reports also ranks car brands that make the best vehicles by comparing 34 automakers based on road-test scores, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction and safety.
  • BMW comes in first with a score of 82, Subaru and Porsche tie for second with a score of 80 each, while Jeep scores dead last with a 46.

Consumer Reports Top 10 Picks for 2024 Vehicles

  • Subcompact SUV - Subaru Crosstrek
  • Compact SUV - Subaru Forester
  • Hybrid/PHEV car - Toyota Prius/Prius Prime
  • Small car - Mazda 3
  • Midsized car - Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Small pickup - Ford Maverick/Ford Maverick Hybrid
  • Electric vehicle - Tesla Model Y
  • Midsized SUV - Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • Luxury SUV - BMW X5/X5 PHEV
  • Plug-in hybrid SUV - Toyota RAV4 Prime

Source: Consumer Reports

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