Ladies, do you feel like you’re always spending more time doing chores around the house than the men you live with? New research shows you are, and it breaks down just how much that time is and how much it’s worth.

A new study from home cleaning service Homeaglow looks into how much time Americans spend on housekeeping and how much that time comes out to based on the average hourly wage.

  • To find out, they analyzed the Time Use Survey and Hourly Wage from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • They found that on average, American adults - both men and women - did 34 minutes of housework a day in 2022. That comes out to $19.69 per day, and for a year it’s a total of 208 hours (8.7 days) and $7,188.
  • But when researchers broke it down by gender, they found that men only do an average of 19 minutes of housework a day, worth a total of $3,909 per year, while women do an average of 49 minutes of it a day, for a total of $10,341 per year.
  • That means the average woman does $6,431 more unpaid labor than the average man in a year.
  • Think spending an average of 8.7 days a year on housework sounds like a lot? The data shows that number is actually fairly low.
  • The study finds that Alaskans spend the most time of any state on household chores, at an average of 50 minutes a day, or 303 hours/12.6 days a year.
  • It’s also the state that has the biggest difference between how much time men and women spend on housework, which makes it the “most unequal.”
  • On the flip side, residents of Washington, D.C. spend the least amount of time on housework, at an average of just 23 minutes a day, or 142.4 hours/5.9 days a year.
  • New Mexico is the state closest to having “housework equality” between men and women.

Source: NY Post

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