When life gets hectic, it can feel like you never have any time to yourself. According to new research, 52% of women admit that showers are the only “me time” they get on a given day.

A survey of a thousand women finds:

  • Nearly eight in 10 (79%) are in need of that “me time” right now.
  • The stress of finances (27%), work (24%) and thinking about how to best take care of their kids (19%) tend to sneak up on women in the shower.
  • To let it all go, they try to use the shower to let their random thoughts roam (60%), reflect on the past day or the day ahead (44%), and think about their memories (42%).
  • One in six women have even imagined themselves as the winner of a past argument while in the shower.
  • Overall, 68% of women feel like they can do anything after a great shower, and it gives them a boost of confidence that lasts over four hours.
  • When they can’t squeeze in a spa day, 78% of women elevate their shower routine instead.
  • They do this by playing soothing music (62%), using aromatherapy products (44%) and massaging with lotion afterwards (44%).
  • Women get an average of six showers a week, but only four of them are considered “great.”
  • But what makes a “great” shower? One that makes them feel renewed (56%), calm (60%) and more confident (43%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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