Trader Joe’s shoppers know that new items come and go in there all the time and some of them are in such high demand, they’re always sold out when you go. The latest product to go viral and fly off store shelves is a mini tote bag that’s so popular, they’re reselling for hundreds of dollars online.

The Trader Joe’s tiny tote is made of canvas and it’s a smaller version of their iconic shopping bags that come in navy, yellow, red and green. The limited-edition bags sell for $2.99 in stores, but customers are snapping them up so quickly, it’s hard to find one in stock. So people are listing them on eBay for insanely high prices, including a red bag that’s listed for $280 and a set of four in all the colors for a whopping $500. But it’s not clear that anyone’s actually paying that much.

The craze over these canvas bags is even being compared to demand for Stanley tumblers, which have become a status symbol that people are willing to wait in long lines to score when the new ones come out. People are documenting the chaos over the bags on TikTok, where one video shows shoppers waiting for the totes to come from the back and then storming the display when they do. Trader Joe’s is reportedly limiting how many mini totes customers can buy, so you may still get lucky and score one for $3.

Source: NY Post

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