In a surprising turn of events, 2022 became the year of love, as marriage rates soared in the post-pandemic lockdowns, with over 2 million couples tying the knot and kicking off their “happily ever afters.” Why? Well, according to CDC data, it seems being cooped up together actually brought some couples closer, prompting them to reevaluate what truly matters in a partner – think finances, compromise, and binge-watching preferences.

And it's not just about saying "I do" anymore; it's about finding your best friend for life, as therapist Ian Kerner suggests, with a shift towards "companionate marriages" that prioritize friendship and stability over whirlwind romance.

However, it’s not just about marriages. Researchers have found that divorce rates have gone down too. In 2022, the divorce rate was 2.4 per 1-thousand people, showing that cutting ties is on a downward trend. What’s more, the rate of divorces in 2000 was 4 per 1-thousand, which is a steep decline from two decades earlier.

Source: CNN

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