Easter morning is one of the best days of the year for kids because they know they’re going to get a basket filled with candy from the Easter Bunny. There may also be some small gifts in there, but for most kiddos, the sugar is the star of the holiday and they’re good with that. But some parents are giving over-the-top baskets stuffed with so much stuff, they look like they were delivered by Santa, not a magical rabbit and not everyone is happy about it.

Social media is full of videos from parents showing off the luxe things their kids are getting for Easter, including Stanley water bottles, pricey Sol De Janeiro lotions and Lululemon merch. There’s even an Easter basket kiddie pool trend where parents buy an actual plastic kiddie pool and fill the whole thing up with candy and gifts for Easter. But other moms are venting their frustration with the extravagance, including one TikTok mom who asks, “When was anybody gonna tell me that Easter is practically Christmas number two?”

Sure, every parent is allowed to do whatever they want for their kids on holidays, but how much is too much? While some parents defend going all out for their little ones on Easter, like one who shares, “I only go overboard for my kids because I never got anything as a kid,” many moms and dads are sharing their ideas for sensible Easter baskets that don’t cost a fortune.

  • “I just buy stuff they’ll use over the summer,” one comments. “New swimsuit. Bubbles. All the spring/summer stuff I’d already buy.”
  • “Crocs, sunglasses, one small outdoor toy, candy,” writes another.
  • “No. I treat my kids year round,” a third user shares. “Easter is for chocolate and egg hunts. I draw the line at the kiddie pool Easter basket trend.”

Source: Scary Mommy

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