Adulting has its perks, like getting to stay up as late as you want and eat ice cream for dinner if you want to, but it also comes with downsides, like having to clean the house. We can put off those chores for a while, but at some point, they have to get done, whether we like it or not. A new survey looks into how Americans feel about cleaning and how much time they spend on the task.

The poll of 100 adults from each of the 50 states reveals:

  • The average American cleans their home once a week and declutters it three times a year.
  • For three-quarters of respondents (74%), having clutter in their home adds to their mental clutter.
  • Folks in Minnesota (85%), Montana (84%) and South Carolina (84%) are most likely to spend extra time to make sure their home is clutter-free.
  • People in Idaho and Maine tend to spend the most time cleaning their homes, an average of 59 minutes per session, while New Yorkers spend the least at 45 minutes a session.
  • The room that people spend the most time cleaning is the kitchen (50%), but the least favorite room to clean is the bathroom.
  • Cleaning the shower is the least favorite task overall (30%), followed by wiping down the bathroom (19%), mopping (18%) and cleaning the windows and glass doors (17%).
  • Respondents tend to clean one room at a time (52%), listen to music while doing it (52%) and pace themselves and take breaks (40%).
  • Bedrooms are one of the rooms people clean least often (23%), and so are garages (26%).
  • Despite any slacking, more than half (52%) of those surveyed think their homes are cleaner than others.
  • And 26% admit they judge other people for having messy homes.

Source: Talker

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