Poll: The Most Stressful Time Of Day Is.......

Is the morning rush to get out the door at your house full of chaos? You’re not the only one dealing with that frustration, new research suggests. According to a new survey, 8:15a.m. is actually the most stressful time of day.

The poll of 2-thousand adults also reveals:

  • Just over a third (35%) of people usually feel stress during the first part of the day.
  • Half (51%) say they feel “often overwhelmed” after getting out of bed.
  • That’s related to the early morning challenges they have to deal with, the most common being the working day ahead, scrambling to leave the house on time, oversleeping and getting the kids ready for school.
  • Parents are also dealing with kid-related stressors including feeding and dressing them and making school lunches, as well as managing their little ones’ unpredictable emotions.
  • While every second matters in the morning, respondents say they lose around 20 minutes to morning “trials and tribulations.”
  • For 51% of those polled, there’s “never” enough time in the day to get things done.
  • Nearly half (47%) feel like they’re busier now than ever before.
  • That may be why 35% say they don’t know how to find time to do things that make them happy and 37% have “forgotten” how to make time for themselves.
  • A lot of people feel they’re not experiencing happiness as often as they think they should. The research shows adults need 27 moments of happiness a week, or around four a day. But they’re only getting 20, or around three a day.
  • To change this, 57% want to prioritize doing things that make them happy, like getting lost in a good book (54%) and enjoying a delicious meal (48%).

Source: Study Finds

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