Whether it was a rush to get out of the car or just the end of a long night out, a lot of us have had the unfortunate experience of leaving something behind in a taxi or rideshare car. It’s often a phone or keys that get forgotten, but Uber says people sometimes leave much more unusual items. They’ve just come out with their eighth annual Lost & Found Index, revealing some of the oddest and most frequently forgotten things left behind in Ubers.

  • The company reports that over the last 12 months, riders have left surprising items including a hair toupee, a live turtle, a tub of surgical implants and a paternity test.
  • The most forgetful city is Miami, Florida, while the most common time to forget personal belongings is 9p.m. to 10p.m.
  • January 21st is the most forgetful day of the year in Ubers, with the most lost items reported.
  • A surprising number of WiFi hotspots and mobile routers were left in Ubers this year, and riders across the country lost a lot of healing crystals, including Amethysts and Aventurines.
  • The most commonly forgotten items are clothing, luggage, headphones, wallets, and phones.
  • The top three food items left behind are leftovers from Pizzeria Portofino, a whole smoked pork belly and a cooler with meat.

Some Of The Most *Unique* Items Left In Ubers Last Year

(See the full list of 50 items here)

  • Frontal hair toupee
  • Hot sauce and a breathalyzer
  • Two containers with spiders in them
  • Jar of oysters
  • Small rat skeleton prop
  • Fake butt
  • Paternity test
  • WWE championship belt
  • Jeep Liberty engine
  • A live pet animal turtle

Source: Uber

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