It can be exciting to meet a potential romantic interest for the first time, but it can also leave you feeling anxious and insecure. While we want to make a good first impression, it’s overwhelming to fret about every detail of your appearance, personality and conversation. And it turns out, you don’t need to waste energy worrying about some of those things because your date probably won’t notice them anyway.

These are the things your date is likely to notice right off the bat, according to dating experts and daters, as well as the things they’re unlikely to pick up on.

  • Your body language - Your posture and the way you position your body can reveal to your date whether you’re interested in them or not. Standing up straight with your head held high is a sign you’re confident, while slumping over with your head lowered shows a lack of confidence.
  • Your facial expressions - Your date will notice if you make and hold eye contact, and whether you’re smiling genuinely, or looking awkward, like you’d rather be anywhere else than there.
  • Your grooming and hygiene - No one wants to be on a date with body odor or bad breath, so take a shower, scrub those dirty fingernails and show you take pride in your appearance.
  • Your outfit - Dressing appropriately for the date is the key. It doesn’t matter so much if you’re wearing something expensive as if you’re wearing the right clothes for the occasion. And of course, your outfit and shoes should look clean.
  • How much you talk about yourself - Are you dominating the conversation by talking about you or are you asking them questions and trying to get to know them? They’re going to notice.
  • Your manners and how you treat your server - The person you’re on a date with will pick up on how politely you interact with people working at the bar or restaurant, as well as whether you do things like hold the door for them or ask where they want to sit.
  • How you make them feel - This is a biggie. Your date may not remember what color your eyes are, but they’ll remember if they felt a connection and how you made them feel.
  • But your date probably won’t notice the minor physical “flaw” you’re self-conscious about, how fancy your clothes are or the exact turns of phrase you use in conversation.

Source: Huff Post

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