"Rest Corners" Are The Latest Home Trend

The hottest new thing in home trends is one that will help you keep the stresses of the outside world out of your living space. Meet “rest corners” - an area for you to, well … rest. You may have seen them popping up on Pinterest and social media, but they look different for everyone because everyone has their own idea of what rest is for them.

A rest corner can be a corner or small space in your home that’s devoted to chilling in your own way. People use them for reading, meditating, napping, doing yoga, lounging, enjoying self-care, or soothing hobbies like knitting, painting or doing puzzles. The thing rest corners have in common is that they’re only to be used for resting, whatever that means to you.

So how do you make one? Start by finding the space you want to dedicate to this purpose - one that’s away from screens and noise, ideally.

  • A low-traffic area is probably best, but it could be in any room or even a closet, as long as it’s a place you can decompress.
  • Section it off if you can, with curtains, privacy screens or just moving furniture to help it feel more secluded.
  • Use calming shapes and colors, like nature-inspired blues and greens to add to the relaxation.
  • To make it as cozy as possible, add a soft, faux fur rug or a fluffy blanket over a chair, and don’t forget a plant or two, and some candles.
  • If your rest corner can be near natural light, even better, as it will help you feel even more relaxed.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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