Last week, Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb did a little venting on the “Today” show about what they’re swearing off as parents. The topic first came up when Jenna announced that she’s “retiring from water parks” after temporarily losing a child at her daughter’s birthday party, which she says was “horrible.”

Then it turned into a segment called “Mama Is Done,” where the co-hosts revealed that they’re over throwing “big parties,” “ungrateful behavior” and kids who like “begging to stay up late.” In an Instagram post, they asked fans to share the things they’re done with as a mom and these are some of the best responses.

  • “I’m done with party favors. THE PARTY IS THE FAVOR. We as moms need to unite against the junk bag or the cookie on the way out the door. Just have the party and go home!”
  • “‘What are my other options for dinner?’ Other options include starvation with a side of hunger and goodnight.”
  • "‘Spirit Weeks.’ They are clearly the work of the devil. Make it end. No, my 2 year old has no interest in dressing up as her favorite decade. She’s TWO!!”
  • “Asking what everybody wants for dinner.”
  • “Moms judging other moms. Time to quit that BS.”
  • “Meaningless small talk at school pickup with the other parent clicks. I’m tired and still have so much to do before I can sit down and relax. Just let me stand there silently while I reboot for my next shift.”
  • “Trying to be your kids’ best friend. You are the mother, the adult and you do what is best for them, not what they want.”
  • “Being a DIY mom.”
  • “Being the only one in a family of four who knows where everything is kept and whether we are out of something.”
  • “Buying school pics that never come out of the clear plastic envelope to see them once and then put away. My phone has 100 pics of them per day.”
  • “Being the password keeper for the family.”

Source: Today

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