If you’re looking for cleaning hacks, TikTok is the place to find them. There are lots of clever tips and tricks to make your life easier and get the job done faster, but there are also plenty of questionable hacks, too. Some just don’t work, while others can be downright dicey.

Here are a few experts warn to avoid to keep you and your home safe.

  • Completely overloading the toilet with cleaning products - TikTok has a lot of videos of people filling their toilet bowls with a range of cleaning products, including bleach, Lysol, dish soap and abrasive powders. Not only is this unnecessary, plumbing experts warn this concoction can damage your pipes, plus breathing in a mix of harsh chemicals is bad for your health.
  • Putting a bottle of Fabuloso in the toilet tank - This hack has users put holes in a bottle of Fabuloso with a tack, then place it in the tank of the toilet. The idea is that it releases a small stream of cleaner in the water with every flush, but it’s a bad idea. The product can be corrosive and degrade the seal in the tank, which can lead to leaks, and Fabuloso should never be mixed with bleach, which is in a lot of toilet cleaners.
  • Washing the toaster under the faucet - Don’t believe the videos that recommend running water into your toaster. As you might expect, water can damage the electrical components of the appliance, so stick to shaking it, brushing it with a pastry brush to free debris and wiping it down with a damp cloth.
  • Boiling soapy water in your air fryer - Another dangerous hack on TikTok is boiling soapy water in your air fryer to clean it. It suggests filling the cooking compartment with water and dish soap, then running it for a few minutes to heat the water. But it could damage the appliance, or even cause a fire, plus your food may have a soapy flavor after that.
  • Mixing bleach and vinegar to clean - Some TikTokers are combining bleach and vinegar to clean, and while both bleach and vinegar help remove dirt and stains, they shouldn’t be combined. Mixing them creates a poisonous chlorine gas that can severely irritate the eyes, throat or even be fatal if inhaled.

Source: House Digest

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