The Average American Has 120 "Extraordinary" Days A Year

How many “extraordinary” days do you have? For some of us that number may be low, but according to a new survey, the average American wine drinker has 10 a month. That adds up to a whopping 120 “extraordinary” days every year.

The poll of 2-thousand wine drinkers investigates how often Americans treat themselves and the occasions they feel call for indulgences. It reveals:

  • Three-quarters (74%) think living a “joyful lifestyle” is subjective and unique to everyone. But respondents agree on a few things that define a “joyful” life, including feeling happy (77%), being healthy (71%), having positive relationships (69%) and feeling comfortable (69%).
  • Half of respondents believe “any day is a good day” to treat themselves and 62% enjoy spending their most joyful days with family and friends.
  • People are most likely to treat themselves to something nice around their birthday (66%), when they’re on vacation (59%) or if they’re having a good day (48%).
  • On an extraordinary day, 61% consider a nice meal to be the perfect treat, and 58% say a nice beverage should go with it.
  • For 71%, these indulgences are best shared with others, especially their significant others (75%), family members (72%) and good friends (65%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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