It’s not as bad as it was during the early days of the pandemic, but new research shows that U.S. workers are still really burned out. Eagle Hill Consulting just released the results of their latest employee burnout survey of more than 12-hundred adults with jobs and it shows 45% continue to feel burned out at work.

The survey also reveals:

  • Women continue to report higher levels of burnout than men, 49% compared to 41%.
  • The levels are higher for younger workers, with Gen Z at 54% and millennials at 52%.
  • But the numbers across the board are down from August 2020, when 58% of workers were feeling burned out.
  • So what’s making employees experience burnout? The top cause is their workload (51%), followed by staff shortages (42%), and trying to juggle work-life balance (41%).
  • Workers have some ideas for fixes, including a four-day work week (69%), increased flexibility (66%), a decreased workload (63%), better health and wellness benefits (60%), working from home (56%) fewer administrative duties (53%), more on-site amenities (50%) and being able to relocate or work from multiple locations (40%).
  • For those workers feeling burnout because of staff shortages, 83% say the problem is covering the workload for unfilled positions, 41% say it’s helping others learn their job, 41% say it’s training new hires and for 22%, it’s recruiting and interviewing new hires.
  • Only 56% of all employees who experience burnout say they’re comfortable telling their boss.

"We may have hit a wall when it comes to reducing worker burnout," says Melissa Jezior, president and chief executive officer of Eagle Hill Consulting, noting that burnout levels haven’t changed and the drivers behind it haven’t either. She urges employers to pay attention to the “chronically high level of burnout” because when workers feel burned out, “they’re less productive, engaged, and innovative, and they're more likely to walk out the door, especially in a tight labor market.”

Source: Eagle Hill Consulting

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