A List: The Most Offensive Things Diners Can Do At Restaurants

Going out to dinner at a restaurant can be a lovely experience, unless you’re seated next to people who just don’t know how to behave. There are some unwritten rules of dining out and it seems a lot of folks are clueless about them, or just don’t care. A recent survey from YouGov asks 1,000 Americans about the restaurant customer behaviors they find the most unacceptable.

  • While there’s some debate among respondents about a few of them, a solid 90% agree on the most annoying thing you can do at a restaurant - refusing to pay for a meal you ate, but claim you didn’t like.
  • Just as many people (90%) say the worst restaurant behavior is to let your kids run around freely.
  • On the flip side, half (51%) of those polled think it’s totally acceptable to leave no tip after getting bad service and 75% think it’s fine to take photos of their food.
  • The least offensive things restaurant customers can do are asking for a to-go container for leftovers and sending back a dish that wasn’t made as requested.

The 10 Worst Behaviors Of Restaurant Customers

  1. Say they won’t pay for a dish they didn’t like but ate (90%)
  2. Allow their children to roam freely (90%)
  3. Debate menu prices with the staff (84%)
  4. Stay past the restaurant’s closing time (83%)
  5. Snap their fingers to get the waiter’s attention (81%)
  6. Bring outside food or drinks into the restaurant (71%)
  7. Show up 15 minutes late to a reservation (66%)
  8. Leave a mess at the table, such as spilled drinks or food crumbs (60%)
  9. Occupy a table for an extended period during busy hours (58%)
  10. Flirt with the staff (57%)

Source: Fox 8

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