We hear about people feeling burned out at their jobs, but that’s not the only place they’re experiencing it. According to a new survey, 78% of people who use dating apps feel burnt out with them.

The poll of 1,000 U.S. adults who’ve used a dating app at least once in the last year also reveals:

  • Women are only slightly more burnt out than men, 80% of women feel some level of it compared to 74% of men.
  • Gen Z is the most likely to say they “always” feel some level of dating app exhaustion.
  • Users also admit lying on the apps, with 21% confessing to lying about their age, and men (23%) are a little more likely than women (19%) to tweak those numbers.
  • Other common fibs on dating apps include income (14%), hobbies and interests (14%), employment, dating history and even current relationship status (13%).
  • Another 12% admit they lie about their height, and it’s not just guys doing it. While 15% of fellas confess they’ve lied about how tall they are, 11% of women have, too.
  • But one of the biggest reasons for burnout could be the amount of time people spend on the apps. The average dating app user spends 51 minutes a day swiping through potential partners.
  • Millennials tend to spend the most time daily with 56 minutes, while baby boomers spend the least at 37 minutes, on average.
  • About a quarter of users (27%) like to start online chats with a compliment, while 19% admit to recycling a rotation of conversation starters and 13% rely on pickup lines.
  • Tinder comes out on top as the most popular dating app, used by 49% in the last year, followed by Plenty of Fish (38%), Bumble (29%), eHarmony (21%), OkCupid and Hinge (both 17%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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