Study: The Most Popular Taylor Swift Ex In Every State

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Taylor Swift has had a lot of high-profile romances and never shies away from singing about her exes. Some of the famous fellas she’s dated have inspired some of her biggest hits, as Swifties know all too well. But which of her ex-boyfriends is the most popular? A new study has the answer.

  • did the research to find out which guy from Taylor’s past is the favorite in each state.
  • They used a list of 11 of her exes that were reported on in the news, then analyzed the regional interest in each of them - both during their relationship and over the last 12 months - using Google Trends search data.

Taylor’s boyfriends who were most popular when they were with her, or during each of their dating eras:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hiddleston tie for the most search interest during their romance with Taylor. Each of the actors was the most-searched ex in 17 states.
  • Joe Jonas is next with five states.
  • John Mayer and Harry Styles tie for third with three states each.
  • Connor Kennedy was the top searched in two states.
  • Lucas TillTaylor LautnerJoe Alwyn, and Calvin Harris were the top searched in only one state.

Taylor’s exes still relevant in 2024, based on search interest over the past year:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal is the most popular ex over the last year with 30 states searching for him more than any other ex.
  • Harry Styles is second with nine states, followed by Taylor Lautner with four states.
  • John Mayer is the top searched ex in three states, and Tom Hiddleston is in two states.
  • Lucas Till, Joe Alwyn and Calvin Harris are each the top searched in just one state.
  • Despite being included in the study, no states searched most for Matt Healy, now or when they were together.

In case you're wondering...New Mexico is firmly planted in the Jake Gyllenhaal camp!

Source: Yahoo Finance

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