America’s shopping habits have changed over the years, and now social media is the preferred place to shop for many people. According to a new survey, 68% of Americans who use social media have shopped through their feeds. Based on their social media shopping habits, they have the potential to spend more than $59-billion.

The poll of 2-thousand U.S. adult social media users also reveals:

  • The average shopper would spend as much as $262 on a single item they find on social media.
  • The platforms they use regularly for shopping online include Facebook (85%), Instagram (49%) and TikTok (38%).
  • So why do people prefer using social media to shop? Respondents say it’s easier or more convenient (33%), they’re already on social media regularly (32%), they can see exactly how to use the products (30%), they see better deals on social media (26%) and it’s easier to search than a physical store (20%).
  • Nearly three-quarters (72%) of social media purchases are unplanned and spontaneous.
  • The most popular items people buy from platforms are clothing (52%), gifts (33%), shoes and accessories (33%), beauty products (30%) and electronics (28%).
  • Overall, 62% say they’ve been generally satisfied with their social media purchases and 68% describe their average experience as positive.
  • Almost half (47%) say they’d likely buy something seen on social media if they see others using it and 20% admit they’ve had FOMO from seeing others use advertised items.
  • Shoppers use their feeds to read product reviews (22%), research products (20%), or get inspiration for how to use products (15%).
  • Just over half (53%) would be less likely to buy a product with negative reviews.
  • While 18% of respondents say they don’t like ads on social media, 66% say the ads help them find new products and 35% like the ads because they show what’s trendy.

Source: Talker

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