America's Favorite Hot Dogs Are...

Tomorrow Americans across the country will be celebrating the Fourth of July and a lot of their backyard BBQs will include hot dogs. It’s a staple at cookouts and baseball games, but you might be surprised at all the varieties of frankfurters people are into.

Just in time for the Fourth of July holiday, Google Trends has done the research to find the most popular types of hot dogs in the U.S., based on searches.

New Mexico's favorite hot dog is a crescent roll wrapped hot a pig in a blanket? We were

  • They created a map showing what the top dog in each state is, and while some states are into standard options like beef or turkey hot dogs, there are a lot of unexpected faves as well.
  • One of those is the Korean hot dog, a street food that’s similar to a corn dog. It’s most popular in Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, Kansas, Idaho and Wyoming.
  • The Coney Island dog is number one in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Florida, but New Yorkers prefer the white hot dog.
  • Chicago style hot dogs are, of course, the preferred style in Illinois, but folks in Oregon, Montana, Wisconsin, and Indiana are also fans.
  • Ohio is into Brazilian hot dogs, in California, it’s bacon-wrapped hot dogs, Georgia and North Carolina like Red hot dogs best, while Virginians prefer Carolina hot dogs.
  • Some dogs we’re not so sure we’d try include Hawaii’s most popular, the dirty water hot dog, Alaska’s Reindeer hot dog and Maine’s Red Snapper hot dog.

Source: Delish

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