A Survey: The Worst Things You Can Do On An Airplane

Between rising ticket prices and shrinking legroom, passengers have a lot to complain about on planes these days. But it seems it’s the way others behave on the flight that really gets people upset, and new research reveals the biggest offenders.

According to a YouGov survey of 1,152 U.S. adults, these are the worst things you can do on an airplane:

  1. Passengers letting their kids play in the aisle (86%)
  2. Getting drunk (82%)
  3. Leaving their seat during turbulence (82%)
  4. Watching a movie without headphones (81%)
  5. Leaving trash in the seatback pocket (79%)
  6. Using both armrests when someone is sitting next to them (74%)
  7. Eating strong-smelling food (68%)
  8. Not listening to the pre-flight safety demonstration (66%)
  9. Exiting before people in the front rows (65%)
  10. Not setting their devices to airplane mode (64%)
  11. Doing stretches or exercises in the aisle (63%)
  12. Taking off their shoes (55%)
  13. Climbing over a seatmate to use the bathroom (53%)
  14. Bringing a cat on board (50%)
  15. Stand up immediately after the plane lands (50%)

Source: Digg

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