Divorce Rates On The Rise Thanks To The Coronavirus Quarantine

While some couples may have grown closer being stuck in the house for months during lockdown, it seems a lot more realized they couldn’t stand their partner, because new stats show divorces have been on the rise thanks to the coronavirus. 

Legal Templates, a company that provides legal documents, reports the amount of people looking for a divorce increased 34% from March through June this year, as compared to last. What’s more, 21% of couples admit the coronavirus lockdown was to blame for the breakdown of their relationship. 

And things were particularly bad for newlyweds, with 20% of couples seeking a divorce married five months or less. The company notes, “This indicates that recently married couples were less equipped to deal with the stressors of the COVID-19 virus than mature couples.” 

And it didn’t take long for folks to have enough of their partner, with data showing that interest in separation was highest on April 13th, only about 15 to 20 days after lockdowns began in most states.

As for where most folks were looking to end things. The highest divorce rates during the coronavirus crisis wree found in Bible Belt states, including Arkansas and Alabama.

Source: Fox News