New Pet? It Takes Almost Four Months To Get The Hang Of Being A Pet Owner

A lot of folks adopted pets this year, and even more may be getting one for Christmas. But while pets are totally loveable and fun, owners soon find out they are a lot of work…especially in the first year.

A new survey finds:

  • 80% of Americans say the first-year of pet ownership is the most important.
  • 64% say it is also the most challenging.
  • The average new pet owner takes three months and 23 days to get the hang of life with their new animal. 

But regardless of how difficult that first year is, it’s also pretty great.

  • In fact, 73% of owners say they bonded with their animal more during that first year than any other.
  • 79% of those who adopt a puppy or kitten agree with that.
  • But there are some decisions pet owners make in the first year that are more important than others.
  • Some of the most important decisions include:
    • How to train my pet (46%)
    • What to feed my pet (40%)
    • What kind of feeding schedule my pet should be on (39%)
    • What tricks to teach my pet (37%)
    • What rules my pet should have (35%)
    • How often to feed my pet (34%)
    • What to name my pet (29%)
  • And pet owners soon find out it's hard to say no to their adorable furbabies.
  • 48% of pet owners say they created some “house rules” for their pet within the first year.
  • But 68% of them say they broke those rules, with most owners lasting only a month with them.

Source: SWNS Digital