Drinking Coffee Could Stop Holiday Weight Gain

As if we needed another reason to love coffee, a new study finds it could actually limit weight gain during the holidays. This time of year a lot of us struggle with weight, thanks to all the extra calories from Christmas cookies, eggnog, and other festive treats, but new research from the University of Illinois says consuming caffeine could help prevent weight gain, even while eating a diet high in fat and sugar.

Scientists fed a group of rats a diet with 40 to 45% carbs and 15% protein for four weeks, along with a tea and other sources of caffeine. At the end of the study, researchers found that the rats who consumed caffeine had a significantly lower amount of body fat. They found that caffeine reduced fat absorption by 22% and reduced weight gain by 16%.

So what does that mean for humans? The researchers believe drinking four cups of coffee a day could help us avoid gaining weight without having to deprive ourselves of holiday goodies.

Source: New York Post