Americans Spend $1,700 On An Average Vacation

Now that it’s officially summer, millions of Americans will be taking a vacation sometime this season. And new research reveals where they’re going, how much it’s costing them and how they’re getting there.

USA Today Blueprint and Talker Research polled 1,000 Americans about their summer travel plans and found:

  • Americans take an average of 2.5 vacations a year, but millennials are the generation that takes the most trips, an average of 3.4.
  • Those getaways aren’t cheap, with the average American spending $1,742.90 on each trip.
  • While close to half of respondents spend less than $15-hundred on their trips, one in 10 spend more than $3,500.
  • So where is everyone going? The beach is the most popular destination, with 62% preferring beach vacays.
  • Cities and cultural or historic locations are tied for second (44% each,) followed by national parks (42%), mountains (40%), landmarks like Mount Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty (39%), cruises (30%) and all-inclusive resorts (29%).
  • Nearly a third (30%) of Americans also plan to travel internationally sometime in 2024.
  • Hotels are the preferred place to stay for 78%, while 44% like to rent a house.
  • Another 41% of travelers prefer staying with friends or family, 22% plan to camp and 11% go for a hostel.
  • Bad weather is the biggest travel fear, as 58% worry about it interrupting or ruining travel plans. Getting sick is the top concern for 44%, while 30% are afraid of being disappointed in the destination, 28% worry about safety, like getting scammed (26%) or robbed (25%).
  • Flying is the preferred way to travel for almost half (47%) of respondents, followed by road trips (44%), while only 3% like to get there by train.
  • A third of travelers take close to three weeks to plan a trip (2.9 weeks), and 43% count on recommendations from family and friends for planning.
  • The majority of those polled like to travel with their significant other (41%), or immediate family (28%), while 15% enjoy solo travel.

Source: Talker

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